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Right Angle was founded in 2010 by Husband Wife Duo Jikku Hassan Muhamed and Mamtha Mohan Sulekha. Our team is now driven by the curiosity, extensive knowledge, and unique vision of talented and innovative Architects, Engineers and interior designers, who seek to create beautiful, clever, and sustainable architecture in fields as diverse as residential, commercial, educational, and leisure environments. Each project is addressed as unique by Right Angle, which encourages an active response to client requirements. Our designs are open, well-ventilated, and filled with natural light. They represent a discourse between past, present, and future that results in distinctive architecture that is conceptually grounded and intellectually informed.

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When Building Your Dream Home, Leave No Stone Unturned By Choosing The Best.



From construction queries to advice and tips, the expert staff at Right Angle are always ready to provide you with the best consultation services in Kollam.



If you are finding it hard to finalise an idea for a design or you are struggling to put your ideas into the description, do not fret. At Right Angle, we have the best group of engineers and architects who are experts in their fields and will guide you with your ideas.


Material selection

The construction process has many aspects that must not be neglected and the materials chosen for construction are the primary among these. Our expert architects will take into consideration all the different factors regarding the construction process and guide you to select the materials that are the best.



The success of a construction project depends on each of the seven primary design phases that make up the architectural design process. At Right Angle, our exemplary team of architects, engineers and interior designers will make sure they put all their efforts into each stage to ensure a perfect result.



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Best architect in kollam

Building a home is no simple task. It is a long process that takes months of careful planning, designing and budgeting before the actual start of construction. You put all your hard earned money into it just to bring to reality your dream home, which is why hiring the best architects is an absolute must. When building a home in kollam, always go for the best architects in kollam.

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Trustworthy design and construction services

As one of the best architectural firms in kollam, each project is addressed from a fresh angle with the goal of creating distinctive places. Our services are grounded in a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives and aspirations. By incorporating clever and adaptable design elements, the company fulfils its goal as the top architectural consultancy in kollam to build and form better communities with lasting and sustainable practices.

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Budget-friendly construction services

There is no doubt that the process of building a well structured house takes both time and money. Entrusting the construction process in the hands of reputed architects becomes very important because in the hands of the wrong people, things can go wrong very fast. It could very well end up costing you huge amounts of time, energy and resources. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish, it is wise to let reputed and expert architects guide you.

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Choosing the best architects in kollam

Working with an architecture design firm from the beginning will result in a successful project and the greatest return on your investment in a home. It is significant to remember that there will undoubtedly be extra worries for your particular undertaking. Each project is unique, and the requirements shift based on a wide range of factors. Every architect has their own distinctive style, as well as unique working processes and design philosophies. Make sure the architectural firm you choose has the knowledge and aptitude to quickly grasp your desired aesthetic.