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The phrase “construction services” refers to a broad range of jobs and obligations during the building process. There are numerous services and requirements that must be met, starting from design to completion. Monitoring a building’s life cycle is essential for its quality and the welfare of its occupants even after a project is complete. Because of this, it is necessary to always have a precise and thorough project management plan in place. Construction companies in kollam can undertake any construction project, including residential building projects, private projects, commercial projects, industrial projects, state construction projects, infrastructure and heavy construction projects, and federal construction projects.

Construction of a house or building is no simple task, it is a long, tedious process that requires careful planning, detailing and close attention to the details. Residential building construction is a systematic task that educated professionals should carry out. Therefore, care should be taken during each stage of the building construction process. As one of the top construction companies in kollam, right angle takes crucial factors into account, such as the development’s purpose, utility, financial viability, labour demand, etc. Our expert architect engineers make sure to use the best quality steel, concrete, wood, stone, and masonry for the construction process.


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At right angle, we have earned a reputation among the many building companies in kollam. This was possible because we have the best architect engineers and designers who are capable of undertaking any of the four key types of construction, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure. With cutting-edge technology and up-to-date knowledge, they can guarantee a perfect home for you. They will also keep you updated at every stage in the construction process, be it the planning and development stage, design stage, preconstruction stage, procurement stage, construction stage or post-construction stage.

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